Vox Populi: Latin Through Modern Conversations

The e-book that teaches Latin like a modern language. Enjoy the story of college students Annika, Cordus, Astur, and Hortensia as they order pizza, study, play computer games, and go to parties.Use it to make the leap to orality in Latin.

Vox Populi is now available!

Vox Populi contains:
  • Complete Grammar with sound files of all dialogues by an expert speaker
  • 22 dialogues, 22 sound files
  • Over 400 pages of text and vocabulary!
  • + 50 pages of modern exercises & answers!
  • DRM-free, read on all devices: tablets, laptops, smartphones
All for the price of $11, €11, £11 etc..
Vox Romana Chapter 3 preview